Great News


This morning, I passed successfully my CCIE Voice written exam … I’m feeling well now and will take some rest before to go ahead very soon with the lab portion.

What a good news …. 🙂

Last day before the target

Urgh 🙂 it is the last day before the exam …. Tomorrow at this time , I will be sitting in the exam room.

As usual I’m feeling that I’m missing some points but I’m on the starting blocks to do my final study day.

The best I can do is to continue for tomorrow and all this study is not lost as It will serve for another day if I need but is also very helpful for the OEQ .

tic.tac.tic.tac clock is moving

Call Manager Services

Here is the list with all the Call Manager services:

  • Call Manager : Provides call processing
  • TFTP : responsible for building and serving files for devices
  • Messaging Interface : used with voice mail systems which use SMDI
  • IP Voice Media Streaming Application: provides functionality underlying MOH, conferences, MTP, …
  • Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) : provides hunting group with Auto-Attendant console
  • CTL Provider : works with CTL Client to change security mode from nonsecure to secure
  • MOH Audio Translator : it converts audio files for MOH utilisation
  • RIS Data Collector : collects and distributes real-time information
  • Extension Mobility : login/logout features
  • CDR Insert : is responsible for CDR operations
  • IPMA : Manager/assistant service
  • Extended functions : call-back and QRT service
  • Serviceability Reporter : generates reports on logged information
  • Webdialer : allows web application to make call control
  • CAPF : Issues locally Significant Certificates (LSC)

Operations and Network Management Tools

Here are a list of the different tools that you can use :

  • CDR Analysis and Reporting tool (CAR) : is used to generate CDR reports and so on
  • DBHelper : is used to fix SQL replication issue
  • Dialed Number Analysis (DNA) : is used to analyze your dial plan
  • Dick Tracy : is a catalyst troubleshooting tool
  • Event viewer : Windows system tool to see application, system and security events
  • Perfmon : Windows system tool to see and monitor counters in real-time
  • Q931 Translator : it is a tool to decode Q931 messages of the ISDN/H323 stack
  • Quality Report Tool (QRT viewer) : it is a reporting tool for quality purposes
  • Real-Time Monitoring Tool : is an extended plugin which can view Call Manager Serviceability counters in real-time
  • SDI Traces : CCM traces which provide detailed diagnostic information relative to call processing , registration,digit analysis, call flows and all protocols related and so on
  • SDL traces : These are traces which are the transition levels between all nodes. It is essentially used by the tac
  • SQL Enterprise Manager : it is the SQL console tool

Store-and-forward Fax

Store-and-forward fax on IP networks operates like email and so can deliver to servers or remote fax.

T37 is the ITU standard for store-and-forward fax transmissions.So a fax is converted into a TIFF attachment and sent to the network (it is the onramp gateway).Then the TIFF is sent to a server or an offramp gateway.