ATA 187 Discovery

Hi ,

It can seem dumb , but I’ve just played/discovered the ATA 187 ( which is working in SIP) . while I was trying to enter in the IVR menu , I was prompted for a password that we have not in the past.So after one or two google line , I finally discovered that the default password is cisco ( yeah I know , they are very hard 🙂 ) , so in numeric it is giving you 24726.

numb advise of the day 🙂 lol


Operations and Network Management Tools

Here are a list of the different tools that you can use :

  • CDR Analysis and Reporting tool (CAR) : is used to generate CDR reports and so on
  • DBHelper : is used to fix SQL replication issue
  • Dialed Number Analysis (DNA) : is used to analyze your dial plan
  • Dick Tracy : is a catalyst troubleshooting tool
  • Event viewer : Windows system tool to see application, system and security events
  • Perfmon : Windows system tool to see and monitor counters in real-time
  • Q931 Translator : it is a tool to decode Q931 messages of the ISDN/H323 stack
  • Quality Report Tool (QRT viewer) : it is a reporting tool for quality purposes
  • Real-Time Monitoring Tool : is an extended plugin which can view Call Manager Serviceability counters in real-time
  • SDI Traces : CCM traces which provide detailed diagnostic information relative to call processing , registration,digit analysis, call flows and all protocols related and so on
  • SDL traces : These are traces which are the transition levels between all nodes. It is essentially used by the tac
  • SQL Enterprise Manager : it is the SQL console tool

SDI/SDL Call Manager Traces

For call processing under the CUCM , you can find 2 types of traces :

  • System Diagnostic Interface (SDI) : SDI informations are traces from services and logs from run-time event.
  • System Diagnostic Layer (SDL) : SDL informations are traces from services as CUCM , CTI Manager and it stores logs state transitions between the node.

Most of the time , SDI traces will be the traces where you can find all stimuli and all interesting call processing traces regarding your phones. With a little knowledge ,it is not very difficult to read these traces

SDL traces are the transition states between the nodes and they are used more by Cisco TAC

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