MGCP Bind L3 Issues

Sometimes , when you defined your mgcp config and before to activate it with the CUCM config. You can experience issue where you can not send or receive calls on this gateway only because your link is not up.

This is caused because the binding between the MGCP gateway and the CUCM is not properly set up. So in order to fix this issue under your serial interface , remove the command isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager and put it again just after. The result is direct and your PSTN will go up .

UCCX Agent Precision

Be careful , an UCCX agent can only belong to only 1 Resource Group but an UCCX agent can have multiple skills.

So depending your implemention, please consider first on how to define your agents properly before to assign them to a Resource Group or to skills.

UCCX Check / Reminder

Here are some stuff regarding the UCCX .

First of all , please check that under the menu Subsystems>Cisco Media , you have well CTI port defined. It is depending on your license.

For reminder , the JTAPI User is the user which will control the CTI Route Point and the CTI Ports ( Everything must be populated via the appadmin).

Jtapi User

The RmCM user is the user which must control the agent extension and the supervisors. Don’t forget also to define under your agent/supervisor agent the primary line and the IPCC extension.

RmCm User

Define then the Telephony Call Control Group that you will use to define the amount of CTI ports that you will use for your script/applications. Don’t forget to click on the Show More button in order to configure correctly your ports

Call Control Group Definition

In your application script , the Maximum Number of Sessions has to match the CTI port that you have defined in your call control group. If it is not the case, then you can encounter the conditions where you will hit the default script message so the message “Sorry  we are experiencing ……”.

Script Application Definition

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