Trying UCCX install

Okay I have recovered the Cisco OS 2003 , it is a 2003.1.4 base so better than I have expected .

Beginning the install , but after the first stage of the OS installation portion , it doesn’t succeed completely .During all the week-end , I have tried again and again with different config of the VMware , hack registry settings ….

But still no chance .

After some investiguations , it appears that the OS that I have is detinated for IBM machines …. and I’m thinking that it is the problem.

I’d like also to thank Chikki for his help in troubleshooting this state.

Back to the starting point …. need to find a good OS

Remembering of Cisco OS 2003

I remembered suddenly that I can have may be the OS 2003 at work as it has been delivered for our ICM implementations .

After a short break , I can start again hoping to have the 5 servers needed for the lab.

Will try recovering it to continue with my installation

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