Translation-Rule : Quick Overview

Translation-rule are the best IOS tool that you can use to make digit manipulation. In order to execute them , here are the required steps:

  1. Build your translation-rules
  2. Build your translation profiles
  3. Apply your translation-profiles in incoming or outgoing or both mode

Here are where you can apply yoru translation profiles:

  • All voip calls
  • a particular dial-peer
  • ephone-dn
  • interface
  • trunk-group

CME Basic Configuration

Here is as usual a basic configuration that you can perform to enable your CME router.

tftp-server flash:<<firmware>>
max-ephones <<X>>
max-dn <<Y>>
load <<phone_type>> <<firmware_load>>
ip source-address port 2000
create cnf-files
transfer-system full-consult
ephone-dn <<tag-number>> <dual-line>
number 1234
name technical
ephone <<tag-phone>>
mac-address <<AAAA.BBBB.CCCC>>
type <<phone_type>>
button 1:<<tag-number>>

Call Manager Express – CME : Quick Definition

CME provides call processing and enterprises telephony features in a small-to-medium sized network environment, and supports an amount of IP Phones depending the router platform.

To deploy it , you must also install several additional files in the flash and be sure to have the clock set up (it can be done also via the NTP) as it is needed to generate the CNF-Files.

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