Time is moving fast

Hi ,

Since my last post , where I told you that I’m starting again , I’ve been very busy at work to do an upgrade of our CUCM and CUC infrastructure to train 7.X for CUCM and 8.X for CUC .

So I can tell you that it is time consuming . But motivation is still there and have well started again this week with full labbing as I will try my second attempt soon .

Not all time easy , but you need to stay focused and motivated if you want to succeed in it .

Okay , will keep you informed


Time to start again

Ok after 10 days of rest, it is time to lab again as I want to pass my lab again in July.

Now the only things that will change is that I can’t work anymore with my own rack as my company has requested it back .

So now moving with IPX sessions. I have just asked them some clarifications to benefit fully of their infrastructure .


Results are in : Voice Lab 1 – Oliver 0 :(

Hi guys ,

After a long wait , I got finally the result and it was not a success status but well a failed status .

So need to prepare again for next attempt …..

But it was already a good experience to be there and one thing very important is the time management and try to not be sick that day , It helps you to be very focused on the lab.


Here We are , Big Day is for Tomorrow

Hey ,

Tomorrow will be the big day when I will attempt the voice Lab for the first time in Brussels. Lucky me , as I’m belgian , I don’t need to book at an hotel . The only think that I need is to drive to Brussels and be early as Cisco offices are in a difficult part of Brussels , so will be awake early . I’m guessing also that the stress will become more intensive so I will have some issues to get a good sleep .

Nevermind , I’m thinking that it is already a good thing and I don’t regret the amount of time that I’ve passed on my studies . Now it is definitively time to see what it is really …

I would like already thank all my co-workers which have been a great help and resources when we were thinking to exercices configuration .

I will keep you updated probably Wednesday morning as tomorrow will be surely a day where i don’t want to touch my computer anymore after the lab .



Day D-7

Here we are , in seven days at this time , I will be sitting in the lab for the first time .

Let’s hope that this attempt will be the good one .

I will keep you informed 🙂

Full Labbing

Hi ,

In order to prepare myself to have a good preparation for the lab , the best that you can do is to lab all the time. Every time that you have the occasion , practise as much as you can .

Now I’m in that phase where I’m taking every little minute to do full lab !!!

Practise is the best that you can do 🙂

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