Here are the elements which are composing the IPCC Express:

  • CRS Engine : This the part which is executions applications under subsystems. It can be script execution, Cisco Agent Desktop communication, Call Manager/CTI Manager JTAPI communication and CRS Administration interface. The CRS engine is dealing with all “communications” side applications.
  • Database: There are 4 databases composing the whole datastore. These are the following
    • Configuration Data Store (CDS) : it is the database where you store all informations regarding the resources (agents), resource groups, skills, team and CSQs.
    • Repository Data Store (RDS) : it stores all prompts, grammars and documents.
    • Agent Data Store (ADS) : It stores all logs, statistics and poiters to recording in regard with agents.
    • Historical Data Store (HDS) : It is the database where you put all CDR record regarding the IPCC application.
  • Recording : It is the subpart which allows agent calls to be recorded
  • Monitoring : It is the subpart which allows supervisor to monitor agents.