Here is a basic definition for the gatekeeper config:


zone local oks 1719

zone prefix oks 1234*

gw-type-prefix 1#* default-technology

bandwidth total zone oks 1024

bandwidth session zone oks 128

no shutdown


The zone local defines the Gatekeeper’s name , the domain to which it belongs and its IP Address and the TCP port used.

The zone prefix specifies the Gatekeeper’s name and the prefix associated within the zone list.

The gw-type-prefix will help to route calls if the called number doesn’t correspond to an E.164 number.

The bandwidth total zone defines the maximum aggregate bandwidth that you can use within this specific zone.

The bandwidth session zone defines the maximum bandwidth available for a session in the zone ( so this is the bandwidth for a call)

No shut activates the Gatekeeper’ configuration.