Proctor Labs Solution

As said in my previous post, I’m still lacking the lab section so I decided this 05th April to rent a rack by ProctorLabs ( The solution that they offer is incredible but is also not so cheap. It is worth to try it as you can manipulate the core with all their routers and cards.

The only problems for the first time was to connect correctly to the rack as the config that they sent you is good but not complete at all so you definitively need  to review it before you can process your lab. When you don’t know how to process with their connectivities , it is really amazing the time that you can lose .

But next time if I need , I have a template that I can apply to have a quicker setup .


Still trying to make a lab

Hi ,

Since the last update , I’m still working on deploy a home lab with GNS 3 and Vmware image. Still no luck as last week one of my servers crashed. The result was that one DD3 memory is dead …. I can’t tell you how it is funny to discover that once it happened , nothing stay anymore stable. No more possibility to register my remote sites and phones are very slow on the network. I can imagine that GNS3 is taking soo much memories that it sucks my network.

Now still looking to have a real hardware, I’m nearly on the process to have one but still missing some E1/T1 cards to perform it .

Will try to chase for extra-hardware ….

See the results soon 😉

GNS3 – Cloud Interface Trunk

After adding some network adaptor (DUB-E100) on my server to make the trunk available for my 3 sites , DOT1Q was not able to work on the config …. Damned I figured out at this point that I could pass my vlan over this link .

After more troubleshooting and thinking, I came to the point to enable ISL instead of DOT1Q , and after this my trunk was really up and useful as it passed now the vlan information ….. woohoo .

Can continue right now on implementation ….


CTI Route Points and Ports – Partition and CSS Approach

Pay attention that normally the order of the partitionins is always L1,L2,L3, D1,D2,D3 , where Lx are the partitions assosiated to the Line model and Dx are the partitions associated to the Device model.

So this order will give you the order/ priority in case of tie-break !

In the case of CTI Route Point or CTI ports , the order is changed by the following D1,D2,D3,L1,L2,L3 …. Please recall this if you are involved in a troubleshooting with these elements !

Windows 7 – Firewall issue with GNS3 routers


When I have connected my routers defined in GNS3 with a cloud pointing to my network card . HQ was able to access my LAN because it shares the same LAN .But in my Frame-Relay WAN , even if  I have all the networks in my routing table , it is impossible for a Branch location to ping something on the real network where you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista machines.

So after some reseach, I have found this interesting note:

Even if it is related to Windows Vista and even if you have some warning , it is applying this little patch. When , you apply under the DOS prompt the following command : netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 enable . It will create depending on your topology  a new rule inside the Firewall “Networking – Echo Request(ICMPv4)”. This rule will be enabled.

In case if you want to revert your manipulation , as the command to revert back present in the previous document is not working , go then top the control center and find the previous created rule or rules and disabled it …

With this patch , you can enable your Windows 7 to icmp request.

Lab Date Booked

Hi ,

I booked my seat for the CCIE Voice Lab in Brussels for the 2th of  November of this year. So it is giving me around 7 months to study the exam…But will make an estimation/deadline  at the 15th July to see if I can stay the date as it is or not.

So now time to study , 31 weeks before the exam.

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