Here is as a reminder a collection of TCP/ UDP Ports used in an IP Telephony network:

TCP/1433 SQL
TCP/2552 Call Manager database change notifications
TCP/2555 RIS database server
TCP/2556 RIS database client
UDP/3000 Receive change notification from Call Manager database
UDP/3001 Database change notification from publisher to applications
UDP/3020 Dialed Number Analyzer plug-in database
TCP/3372 SQL Distributed Transaction Coordinator
TCP/7727 Application database change notification, CTI, voicemail, and so on
TCP/8001 Client database change notification
TCP/8002 Intracluster Communication Service
TCP/8003 Intracluster Communication Service
TCP/8009 Internal Tomcat requests
TCP/8111 IPMA Web requests
TCP/8222 Extension Mobility web requests
TCP/8333 Webdialer web requests
TCP/8444 Extension Mobility service requests
TCP/8555 Apache-SOAP web requests
TCP/8666 IPMA web requests for nondefault locales
TCP/8777 Tomcat manager web requests
TCP/9007 CDR Aalysis and Recording web requests
TCP/102 Directory Access Protocol (DAP) for DC Directory
TCP/8404 Local Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for DC Directory
TCP/8405 LDAPS for DC Directory
TCP/389 LDAP query to external directory (AD, Netscape)
TCP/636 LDAPS query to external directory (AD, Netscape)
TCP/2443 Secure SCCP (SCCPS)
UDP/16384 – 32768 RTP,SRTP
TCP/4224 Cisco VT Advantage
UDP/1718 Gatekeeper H225 Discovery
UDP/1719 Gatekeeper H225 RAS
TCP/1720 H225 signaling services for H323 gateways and Inter-Cluster Trunk (ICT)
UDP/2427 MGCP gateway control
TCP/2428 MGCP gateway backhaul
TCP/UDP/5060 SIP Gateway and Inter-Cluster Trunk
TCP/2444 CTL Provider
TCP/2748 CTI Application Server
TCP/2789 JTAPI Application Server
TCP/2912 IPMA Server
TCP/1099-1129 Attendant Console
UDP/3223 Attendant Console
UDP/4321 Attendant Console